Cliniqos FAQ’s

(01) How do I log in? What if I forget my password?

(02) How do I know if I have received a new referral/patient/inquiry?

(03) In which cases do I know that I need to respond on the request or the patient has been already assigned to me?

(04) How does the system allocate patients, how does it know which areas do I cover?

(05) What happens if somebody else accepts the referral before me?

(06) What is Target Visit date?

(07) What if I miss out a push notification ?

(08) What if I am unable to accept the patient ?

(09) Where would I be able to see patient details?

(10) Where can I contact the physician?

(11) Where are patient comm notes?

(12) Where can I find the referral form?

(13) How do I know of what visits my paylog has been generated?

(14) What if in the case there is a missed visit from my end?

(15) How do I submit the paylog?

(16) From where I can see the documents of Agency?

(17) How can I contact the agency concern person?

(18) How can I communicate with the PTS staff regarding a patient?

(19) How do I know if someone from the PTS team has communicated with me on this app?

(20) Is there a phone rooster available to contact other clinicians on the same case?

(21) Is there a geo location of the patient so that I can connect with my phone gps?

(22) Where can I take signature of the patient?

(23) Where can I insert time in/ time out details?

(24) How do I reschedule a visit?

(25) The system is not allowing me to generate and submit paylog what’s wrong here?